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Welcome, Nau mai, haere mai to the
New Zealand Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Are you looking to become a qualified professional clinical hypnotherapist? At New Zealand's premier academy of clinical hypnotherapy we are invested in helping people just like you to gain the necessary skills required to practice hypnotherapy safely and effectively . With the ease of learning from home we offer live online classes and an online portal with recordings, reading and assignments that you can complete in your own time. book your discover call today!

Want to help others or heal yourself? Our academy offers premier hypnotherapy certification and training courses in NZ. Start your journey today


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NZACH Talk Time

We do regular podcasts on Youtube

This week's podcast hypnotic scripts and when to use them. 

About us

Meredith McCarthy founded the NZACH in 2024, creating a framework for this advanced Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. With over 30 years experience as full time clinical hypnotherapist, over 11 years training students to become successful hypnotherapists, Meredith is able to share insights designed to educate you in the most effective strategies to help your clients overcome fears and phobias and addictions and assist in healing from trauma  by building confidence in themselves and much more. All of this information has been broken down into 18 learning modules .

🌿 Easy to follow step by step learning modules that are available on our online portal.

🌿 Each module has a number of multi choose questions to help you learn.

🌿 Through our learning portal you can engage with other students.

🌿 Full printed study guide includes recommend reading assignments and module information.

🌿 Hands on interactive workshops help to build your understanding and confidence.


We are committed to helping you no matter what style of learning works best for you. Please email us if you have any questions or call us to have a chat.

Why choose our hypnotherapy school?

🌿 Principled approach: We're grounded in timeless therapeutic ethics and principles, ensuring you not only learn the techniques but also the soul of hypnotherapy.

🌿 Transparent pricing: We believe in clarity and honesty—no hidden costs, no surprises, just clear, straightforward tuition details.

🌿 Kiwi-sized classes: Our classes are intimate, ensuring each student receives personalised attention and support.

🌿 Deep therapeutic roots: With a seasoned trainer holding 11 years of teaching and 30 years of clinical experience, we're able to delve deep into the essence of hypnotherapy.

🌿 Whakawhanaungatanga – Building bonds: Beyond techniques, we emphasise the importance of meaningful relationships, mirroring the Maori value of interconnectedness.

🌿 Comprehensive learning: Our balanced blend of theory, practice, and intuitive learning ensures a holistic hypnotherapy education.

🌿 Adaptable teaching: Recognising diverse learning styles, we offer flexible support tailored to individual needs, ensuring every student thrives.

🌿 Resources at your fingertips: Access to online modules, printed materials, and insightful recorded demonstrations and lectures allows for a multifaceted learning experience.

🌿 Guided practice: Engage in hands-on sessions, allowing you to harness the transformative power of hypnotherapy under expert supervision.

🌿 Commitment to growth: Our dedication extends beyond teaching techniques; we mentor and guide students in launching their own practice.

🌿 Principles we live by: Integrity, compassion, and a commitment to the true spirit of therapeutic transformation form the bedrock of our teachings.

🌿 The Kiwi touch: While our focus is global, our teaching methods and approach are uniquely infused with the warmth and spirit of New Zealand.

We believe the world needs more guiding lights, more healers, more people who understand the power of the mind. At the NZACH, we're not just teaching techniques, we're nurturing souls to bring out the best in themselves and in others. Ready to embark on this wondrous journey? Our courses are more than just learning sessions; they're transformative experiences. 

Learn more about our curriculum 

NZAPH Diploma showing what the diploma will look like


"I am genuinely inspired by Meredith McCarthy, the visionary behind the New Zealand academy of clinical hypnotherapy, and I wholeheartedly endorse her as an exceptional educator in the realm of hypnotherapy. Meredith's profound expertise, combined with her personalised approach and authentic care, crafts an immersive learning journey that transforms her students' understanding of hypnotherapy.


Her academy is a testament to her unwavering professionalism, fostering an environment where warmth and tailored guidance blend seamlessly. Meredith's teaching methodology seamlessly bridges theory and practical application, unravelling the complexities of hypnotherapy into easily comprehensible knowledge.


Meredith McCarthy's dedication to empowering her students with comprehensive expertise and a compassionate understanding of hypnotherapy is nothing short of remarkable. I enthusiastically recommend Meredith and her academy to those seeking an immersive and enlightening hypnotherapy education."


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