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 Welcome to the Faculty page of the New Zealand Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Here, we are proud to introduce our small yet highly dedicated team, committed to providing exceptional education in clinical hypnotherapy. Our academy's strength lies in the personal touch and depth of experience that each of our faculty members brings to their teaching.

You'll meet myself, Meredith McCarthy, the Academy Director, with a rich background in clinical hypnotherapy, and Teresa Saunders, our esteemed Academy Advisor, who brings her extensive experience in mental health and holistic wellness. Together, we are passionate about nurturing and guiding our students through their journey in hypnotherapy, offering a wealth of knowledge, hands-on experience, and personal support.

As you explore this page, you will gain insights into our professional paths, our philosophies in hypnotherapy, and our commitment to your educational journey. We believe in a personalised approach to teaching, ensuring each student receives the guidance and mentorship they need to excel in their practice.

Join us at NZACH, where education is not just about learning but about transforming lives.

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Meredith McCarthy

Academy director

Meredith McCarthy

Current President of the New Zealand Association of Professional Hypnotherapists

Kia ora, my journey in hypnotherapy began over three decades ago. For over eleven years, I had the privilege of imparting my knowledge as a trainer at another esteemed school. However, a call deep within beckoned me to mould a new legacy, one that encapsulates all the profound experiences I've gathered from my full-time practice. Working with real people, confronting real challenges, and witnessing real transformations has been both an honour and a revelation. This tangible connection with humanity made me see my role in a new light: not just as a therapist or a teacher, but as a sacred guardian of souls.


Beyond hypnotherapy, I wear the mantle of a Reiki Master Teacher. Since 2007, I teach meditation and run wellbeing retreats, this has been an integral part of my life. It's not just about healing; it's about kindling the spark within, allowing

one to navigate the journey of life with grace, wisdom, and serenity.

Passion fuels me every day, to see my students thrive, to watch them carry forward the legacy of healing and transformation, feels akin to watching ripples spread across a pond – starting with a single point of intent and cascading outwards in waves of positive change.


With the NZACH, I aim to extend this ripple effect further. I envisage a world where every student, equipped with the tools of our teachings, becomes a beacon of healing. Together, let's amplify the healing energy of Aotearoa and send forth powerful ripples of transformation across the world. For more information on Meredith McCarthy, visit her profile at

Teresa Saunders

Academy Advisor

Teresa Saunders


Welcome to The New Zealand Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy, where I proudly serve as the Principal Advisor to the esteemed founder, Meredith McCarthy. Our journey began almost two decades ago, where a shared passion for holistic healing and wellness brought us together at The Oasis Centre of Healing.


I joined forces with Meredith initially to assist in meditation and retreat weekends, and our collaboration evolved naturally over time. With a background spanning over 15 years in mental health and two decades in holistic wellness, my journey has been one of diverse experiences and continuous learning.

Driven by a profound belief in the transformative power of holistic therapies, I found myself drawn to hypnotherapy. This path seamlessly aligned with Meredith's vision. With over 30 years of invaluable expertise in the field, Meredith took a bold leap to establish this academy, a testament to her dedication and passion for empowering others.

"As the Academy Advisor, my commitment lies in ensuring that our academy embodies excellence, innovation, and a nurturing learning environment. We strive to create an atmosphere where students are not just learners but active participants in their own growth. At our academy, you will discover a rich tapestry of knowledge, blended with practical applications and compassionate guidance.


The New Zealand Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy stands as a beacon for those seeking a transformative educational journey. Our curriculum, shaped by Meredith's extensive experience and visionary leadership, is designed to empower aspiring practitioners with the skills and mindset necessary to excel in the dynamic field of clinical hypnotherapy.


Join us in this journey of discovery and growth. Together, let's unlock the potential within and embark on a path towards empowering others through the profound practice of hypnotherapy." For more information on Teresa Saunders, visit her profile at  T's Wellness

Picture of Teresa George

External marker

Teresa George

Teresa George, an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, brings her expertise to the New Zealand Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy (NZACH) as an external marker. With a comprehensive background in hypnotherapy and NLP, Teresa's role in the academy is pivotal in ensuring the highest standards of academic and clinical excellence. Her solution-focused approach and commitment to empowering individuals align perfectly with NZACH's mission to provide quality education in clinical hypnotherapy. Teresa's involvement as an external marker will undoubtedly enrich the learning experience for students, contributing significantly to the academy's vision of fostering skilled and knowledgeable hypnotherapy professionals.

For more information on Teresa George, visit her profile at Teresa George - With Intent.

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