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At the New Zealand Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy, we provide a comprehensive programme consisting of 18 meticulously crafted modules, each designed to impart essential knowledge and skills for attaining your Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy. Upon completion, we extend an invitation to join our mentorship programme, which offers additional support and guidance to help you establish and grow your hypnotherapy practice.

New Zealand fern
New Zealand fern


I have undertaken training with Meredith on several occasions thus far. 
I have found her to be an excellent trainer, highly knowledgeable, able to explain both the simple and complex in easily understood ways and most importantly, to have a genuine commitment to helping her students learn.
She has a particular knack for building important learning points into relevant anecdotes and using these to neatly segue between topics. 

Strongly recommend.


Comprehensive Curriculum
From Fundamental Concepts to Advanced Practices in Clinical Hypnotherapy

1. Introduction to hypnotherapy 1 hour Q&A

🌿 Brief introduction to hypnosis and its benefits.

🌿 Open discussion and Q&A about the course content and prospects in clinical hypnotherapy.

Independent study and supervision (600 study hours)

Students spend these hours reviewing content, practicing techniques, reading recommended literature, and attending supervision sessions to discuss case studies and get feedback on their practical application.

Practical experience and assessment

These sessions are crucial for hands-on experience. Students will practice under supervision, honing their skills and getting real-time feedback.

🌿 Practical exam: At the end of your training you will be required to conduct a hypnotherapy session with a volunteer client under supervision.

🌿Written exams: Multiple choice questions and short answer questions covering all the modules.

🌿Case study submission:  Present 10 detailed case studies showcasing your understanding and application of techniques. 

🌿100 clinical hours with clients; will be required with monthly clinical supervision sessions.

At the NZACH we weave the principles of Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy into all our modules here is a brief breakdown 


    1.    Safety and Trust

🌿 Establishing a safe and supportive environment is crucial. This includes physical safety as well as emotional and psychological safety. The therapist ensures that the client feels heard, respected, and in control of the session.

    2.    Understanding Trauma and Its Impact

 🌿 Trauma-informed hypnotherapists have a deep understanding of how trauma affects the mind and body. They recognize that trauma can lead to a range of symptoms, including anxiety, depression, flashbacks, and dissociation.

    3.    Empowerment and Client Autonomy

 🌿 The approach is centred around empowering the client. Therapists encourage clients to be active participants in their healing process, making choices that suit their comfort and pace.

    4.    Collaboration and Mutuality

🌿 There’s an emphasis on building a collaborative relationship between the therapist and the client, based on mutual respect and partnership.

    5.    Cultural Sensitivity

🌿 The therapy is sensitive to cultural, historical, and gender issues. Therapists are aware of the client’s background and how it might affect their experience of trauma and recovery.


Techniques and Application


    1.    Gentle Induction Methods

🌿  Trauma-informed hypnotherapy often involves gentle and permissive induction techniques, as opposed to direct or authoritarian methods, to avoid triggering the client.

    2.    Resource Building

🌿 Before addressing traumatic memories, therapists often work on building internal resources. This might include techniques to foster a sense of safety, self-compassion, or inner strength.

    3.    Controlled Exposure

🌿 The therapist might gradually guide the client to confront traumatic memories, but only when the client feels ready and equipped with coping mechanisms. This is done very carefully to avoid re-traumatization.

    4.    Integration of Trauma Experience

🌿 The therapy aims to help clients integrate their traumatic experiences into their life narratives in a way that is healing and empowering, rather than overwhelming.

    5.    Body Awareness

🌿  Given the somatic nature of trauma, techniques may involve increasing body awareness and helping the client to reconnect with their body in a safe way.


Training and Practice


🌿 Practitioners of trauma-informed hypnotherapy usually undergo specialised training that focuses on understanding trauma, its psychological impact, and how to adapt hypnotherapy techniques to be trauma-sensitive.

🌿 Continuous education and consultation with trauma experts are often part of a trauma-informed hypnotherapist’s practice to ensure they are providing the best care possible.

Certification requirements

You will receive feedback on your overall performance, and upon successful completion, you will awarded the certification in the advanced diploma in clinical hypnotherapy.

This would form the bulk of your course, providing in-depth training, hands-on practice, and a wide range of modules.

 🌿 The 1000 hours include both classroom and study hours. The program offers 400 classroom hours, combined with 600 hours study and practical application, preparing you for real-world challenges in the field of hypnotherapy.

Learning pathway

1. Introduction to hypnotherapy one hour Q & A

🌿  A brief hands-on over view to help potential students decide if hypnotherapy is right for them. 


2. Advanced diploma in clinical hypnotherapy 

 🌿  Classroom hours: 400 hours

 🌿  Independent study hours: 600 hours

 🌿  Supervision sessions: 10 one hour sessions

 🌿  Modules covered: 1 to 18

 🌿  This diploma cerification covers advanced techniques and applications of hypnotherapy, equipping  students to handle a wider range of client needs.

3. Mentorship programme

Business launchpad for aspiring hypnotherapists


To guide and assist you in setting up a successful hypnotherapy practice through structured mentorship. This is available to any students from other hypnotherapy schools.

Programme duration

6 months.



1. Personalised intensive marketing plan

🌿 Initial consultation to understand your vision, target clientele, and unique selling proposition.

🌿 Designing a step-by-step marketing plan tailored to your needs, location, and target market.

🌿 Strategies to establish an online presence, engage with clients, and network in the industry.


2. Website assistance

🌿 Overview of website essentials for hypnotherapists.

🌿 Recommendations on platform choices, website structure, and essential content.

🌿 Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tips to make the website discoverable by potential clients.

🌿 Connecting with professionals or providing resources for web design, if needed.


3. Monthly 0ne-on-one mentoring sessions (6 sessions)

🌿 Duration: 1 hour each.

🌿 Medium: In-person or via Zoom, based on your preference and feasibility.

🌿 Topics can include but are not limited to:

🌿 Addressing any challenges faced.

🌿 Progress review and feedback.

🌿 Refining marketing strategies.

🌿 Building confidence in client interactions.

🌿 Enhancing the delivery of hypnotherapy sessions.

🌿 Discussing opportunities for continuing education or specialisation.


4. Benefits of the program

🌿 Personalised guidance to avoid common pitfalls when starting a business.

🌿 Ensuring a strong foundation for the practice.

🌿 Boosting online and offline presence.

🌿 Networking opportunities.

🌿 Confidence-building through expert feedback.

Ingrid Thomsen


I have very much enjoyed Meredith as the Trainer in my Hypnotherapy course Modules. She is so knowledgeable and experienced and makes the course content come alive with great anecdotes and examples. Meredith makes the learning fun and is so encouraging and helpful. Just wonderful! as an older student I am now looking forward to further learning. Thankyou.

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