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Discover the Warmth of Supportive Hypnosis: A Journey of Empathy and Healing

Imagine a space where every word and gesture helps someone feel understood and valued. That’s the heart of supportive hypnosis, a method we cherish and teach with passion at the New Zealand Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy (NZACH). Our diploma course, comprising 18 modules 400 classroom hours and 600 study hours, is more than just learning; it’s about experiencing and sharing the power of empathy in healing.

Understanding the Basics:

At its core, supportive hypnosis is like a warm conversation with an old friend. It’s about building trust and safety. We start our journey by exploring how to create a comforting environment for our clients. You’ll learn about gentle induction techniques, the art of positive language, and the power of a supportive presence.

Tailoring the Experience for Each Individual:

No two stories are the same, and in supportive hypnosis, we celebrate this diversity. You’ll learn how to listen and adapt, crafting sessions that resonate with each individual’s needs. Be it easing anxiety, boosting confidence, or overcoming personal hurdles, we teach you to customize your approach with care and sensitivity.

The Dance of Adaptation and Response:

Hypnotherapy is like a dance – it’s dynamic and responsive. We’ll guide you through assessing the impact of your sessions and gracefully adjusting your methods. Through hands-on practice and role-plays, you’ll become adept at reading subtle cues and enhancing the therapeutic experience.

Ethics: The Heartbeat of Our Practice:

In our course, ethics isn’t just a chapter; it’s interwoven in everything we do. You’ll learn the importance of respect, consent, and confidentiality. We aim to nurture hypnotherapists who not only excel in their skills but also shine in their ethical conduct.

Join Our Family:

If you’re yearning for a fulfilling path where you can genuinely make a difference, then our supportive hypnosis course is calling you. At NZACH, you’re not just a student; you’re part of a family committed to spreading warmth and healing. Let’s embark on this beautiful journey together.


Supportive hypnosis isn’t just a technique; it’s a way of touching lives. We invite you to join us in this journey of warmth, understanding, and transformation. Together, let’s unlock the potential to heal and inspire, one heart at a time.

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