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Start Your Career: Join the Inaugural Class of the New Zealand Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Date: 4 January 2024

Author: Meredith McCarthy

This World Hypnosis Day, I’m excited to share with you the beginning of an extraordinary journey right here in Wellington. I am proud to introduce the New Zealand Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy (NZACH), a vision I’ve brought to life to lead the way in clinical hypnotherapy education.

My Role at NZACH

With over 31 years in clinical hypnotherapy, I’m passionate about mentoring the next generation of therapists. At NZACH, I aim to provide a rich, insightful, and hands-on learning experience, focusing on both the science and the transformative power of hypnotherapy.

Why Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy is more than a career; it’s a tool for profound change. At NZACH, our advanced diploma program delves deep into therapeutic techniques, ethics, and the science behind hypnosis, preparing students to make a significant impact in the field.

Wellington: Our Learning Haven

Our academy is nestled in the heart of Wellington, a city that offers both cultural richness and serene landscapes. It’s the perfect setting for our students to learn and grow.

Our Programme

The curriculum I’ve developed covers

• Core principles of clinical hypnotherapy

• Advanced techniques for emotional and behavioural transformation

• Ethics and client-centred approaches

• Specializations in areas like stress and anxiety management

• Direct mentorship from me

Join Our Transformative Journey

I invite you to join our inaugural class and start a journey of transformation. Whether you’re seeking a career change or wish to deepen your understanding of the human mind, NZACH is the place for you.

Building a Community of Leaders

Joining NZACH means being part of a community committed to growth, empathy, and transformation. It’s an opportunity to network, engage in enriching discussions, and build a foundation for a successful career in hypnotherapy.

NZACH is my commitment to fostering deeper understanding and healing through the mind. I look forward to guiding you on this journey towards personal growth and professional excellence.

Contact Information

For more information and to enroll in our courses, please visit NZACH.

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